Spring Break 2001

This is some more of our pictures from Spring Break 2001.  We had a very good and relaxing time.

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This is Elizabeth in the mountains above Flagstaff. This is a picture of Sam's after driving up the big hill in the snow.  It wasn't that bad and the trucks weren't speeding. The Camry got its first taste of cross-country driving.  We took this Camry because we didn't want to wear out the other one. I locked Elizabeth out of the car and she was waiting for me.  This was taken at a nice rest area...it was clean as could be. I just thought that I would take this picture because I thought it was so pretty.

This was the view out of our 17th floor window at the Ramada Express Casino in Laughlin. Elizabeth needed a snack so we sat out on the courtyard at the Ramada Express Casino while she drank her coffee. Just a picture to prove that I was there with her.  We were having a good time.  Temperature never got above 70. We had just gotten finished playing blackjack and Elizabeth had a handful of chips.  She became quite a blackjack player and is quite proficient in counting to 21. We probably played this Gold Mountain Slot Machine more than any of the others.  They are hard to find in Nevada,  and we looked in all of the casinos that are in Laughlin.

Here I am with all of my dollars.  This was a good slot machine some of the time.  I hit $30 three times in a row here. Elizabeth gave it a whirl ....  but she wasn't quite as lucky as me ... HA HA This was taken at the Laughlin visitors center.  It was operated by the hotel we were staying in.  We stopped to see if they had any good deals.  If you stop here you can get a room for $17 a night! Same place,  different picture.  We were at the Visitors Center. The rooms were pretty nice for $22 a night.  We didn't get the $17 rate because I wanted to get the breakfast and dinner meals with the room.  Stupid move ... grub was at the buffet and it was slop.

This was the main strip in Laughlin.  We learned a lesson by going here ... don't go somewhere where there is nothing to do but gamble for five nights! This is Elizabeth at the Pioneer Hotel Casino ... I really liked this one.  They had a place outside to take pictures. Another good picture from the Pioneer Hotel and Casino.  I wish we would have stayed there as it was more like old time Nevada than the other places. I don't know why Elizabeth took two of these pictures.  I smiled different I guess.  Might have pulled my fat in. This is Elizabeth in the Golden Nugget Casino.  Nice interior ... crappy people.

Someone was nice enough to take our picture together at the Golden Nugget.  I guess there are good people in the world after all. This was another place to take a picture in the Golden Nugget.  That's one good thing about a digital camera.  You can take all the pictures you want and after the camera,  it doesn't cost you anything. 28 year of playing cards,  and some damn dealer decided to tell me that I was an idiot for splitting 10's with a six showing.  Elizabeth could have killed her because she went on and on and on.

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