OKC Ballgame

Elizabeth and I went to Oklahoma City on May 12th to see the Oklahoma Redhawks and Memphis Redbirds play at the Bricktown Ballpark.  It was a very nice minor league park and a good game which the Cardinals farm team, Redbirds won 9-1.  Click on the numbers after the text to see the pictures.   Use back button to get back to this page.

This is a picture of Elizabeth at the Quiltworks store in Oklahoma City.  She found a lot of neat stuff in this store and was able to find some good material for quilts and a pattern or two.  They had a good sale going on.


We drove up to Edmund, Oklahoma in the hopes of finding two quilt stores.  It was a really neat town.  This particular store only sold finished quilts.  When we went to the other store,  it had been closed due to a fire in a Chinese Restaurant next door.


This is a picture of the neat Mickey Mantle statue that is located on Mickey Mantle Drive,  which is the name of the main street the Redhawks stadium is located on.


This is a shot of Elizabeth in back of the first base dupgout ... we were right on the field.  Didn't catch a ball .... luckily.


This is a shot of the left field wall and the players taking fielding practice.


This is the managers and umpires at the pre-game discussion.  As you can see,  we were pretty close to all the action.


Whitmore at bat,  Shane Andrews who was recently cut by the Cardinals in the on-deck circle.  Elizabeth enjoyed seeing those ex-Cardinals.


A little discussion at the pitcher's mound prior to the game.


The stadium scoreboard.  Notice even the minor leagues have a live video screen in the outfield.  My,  things have changed.


Just another close up of home plate.


The Cardinals have Fred Bird,  the Redhawks have ....  this


Keith McDonald the Catcher,  another former Cardinal sent down to the minors for some more work,  gets ready to bat.


A swing and a miss.  I was trying to see if the camera I was using would capture the ball when it was hit.  It did .... but it's a blur.


You can see the ball going into the catcher mitt in this picture.


Alan Benes ... a Cardinal that hurt his arm and is in Memphis for rehabilitation.