The Kid's Place

Here are some pictures of Sam's children when they were just a little younger.  We know they'll be embarrassed by the pictures,  but what the heck.  A little embarrassment never killed anyone....yet.

 As you can see,  he liked to eat dirt! Allen in 1984

Allen in 1984 ...  He was such a sweet kid.  What happened?

She was sure a pretty little thing .... In 1985 she was a pretty big thing!

Julia in 1984 ....  She was a pretty charming little girl..... She changed in 11 years,  wouldn't you agree?

Although you could never tell it now,  these two never went anywhere without one another. They don't even remember doing this ....  so cute!

Allen and Julia were extremely close as youngsters ...  they did everything together.

Here are Tami and Sami when they were smaller.  They were pretty good girls.