The Sam and Elizabeth Graham

~ Wedding  Page ~

July 18, 1997

~ The Wedding ~

The kiss that made it all official!  I love you Elizabeth .....This beautiful cake was purchased by Mom and Dad and the precious flowers were made by Penny.  What an absolutely beautiful welcome to the family for Elizabeth. A wedding dinner at the Macaroni Grill ...  paid for by that wonderful old skinflint,  Sam Sr.  Thanks a million Dad!Allen and Julia even got into the act.  They were a good looking couple weren't they.  The county clerk thought that they were twins.


It was a day to remember.  The Graham Family came together to welcome Elizabeth Sevier Folk to the family .... and welcome her they did.  In a beautiful setting in Auburn, California,  the wedding took place at the Placer County Clerk's office.  The wedding was followed (after Sam and Elizabeth got lost) by a real nice dinner at the Macaroni Grill in Roseville.

Allen served as the official pre-wedding photographer.Allison and Julia were sure beautiful .... or is it cute when you are that age?Art came along and acted as official baby sitter!  Good job Art!At the house ready to leave for the fun part!kelsie and her Uncle Sam playing around ... when you coming to visit us Kelsie??

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